Tool & Hoist Rentals in Staten Island, NY

Tool and hoist equipment comes in handy when you need some lifting done to the heavy and bulk loads. Most individuals are skeptical of the companies to rent the tool and hoist equipment from. Tool and hoist equipment are helpful to operators working in manufacturing, construction, warehousing, or any other place involving loading and unloading heavy products. For the operators in Staten Island, NY, who need tools and hoist rentals, Zo-Air Company Inc to assist is in town. At Zo-Air Company Inc, we offer tool and hoist rental services, we deliver on time to ensure your production continues, and you make no losses by lagging behind schedule.


Tool Rentals in Staten Island, NY

Some tools are too expensive to purchase for your company as you may not need to use them on a daily basis. Instead of buying the tools, the money-saving alternative is renting the tools from companies like Zo-Air. Locals in Staten Island, NY, now have access to services from Zo-Air. Our company is committed to quality, and our workers are professionally trained in the newest technology and craftsmanship. As a result, our tools are of excellent quality as we invest in the latest and best tools for you to rent.

At Zo-Air, we rent out the following equipment:

  • Air tools
  • Hydraulic Tools and equipment like pumps, rams, and bolting tools
  • Welding equipment, i.e., Red-D-Arc welder.

Tool Rentals

Renting of tools has a couple of benefits to it like:

  • Saving capital as the amount of capital required to purchase industrial equipment is way too high compared to renting the tools and having them returned after the task.
  • Renting tools allows you to access the newest and modern technology available in the market instead of using obsolete equipment. Advanced technology ensures the job is safely and efficiently done.
  • Eliminating maintenance costs, inspection costs, and repairs that need to be done regularly by professionals.

Tool Repair

Apart from rentals we, are licensed in Staten Island, NY, to offer repair and installation services. Our center is authorized to provide tool repair services for tools like:

  • Air tools
  • Hydraulic Tools and equipment
  • Precision measuring tools
  • Torque tools; Air, Electric and hydraulic

Hoist Rentals in Staten Island, NY

The use of hoisting equipment (or hoists) in conjunction with overhead cranes and workstation cranes is necessary for the vertical lifting of freely suspended, heavy, and bulky loads. Their lifting capacities are determined by the materials used in their construction. Their movement is controlled by an operator, who can direct them manually or remotely using a wired pendant station or wireless controls. For example, lifting loads in support of production or storage activities, loading, unloading, or moving from one process to another are common manufacturing, warehousing, and construction applications. Staten Island has many companies, including Zo-Air company, that enable users to rent them at an affordable price, eliminating the need to buy this equipment, which can be pretty expensive.

With the help of a link or roller chain, hoisting equipment is used to lift heavy objects. It can be powered in one of three ways and is used in conjunction with a variety of attachments to make load-lifting easier, including:

  • Manual Hoists
  • Air hoists, also known as pneumatic hoists, are powered by motors that are driven by compressed air.
  • Electric hoists are powered by engines that are driven by electricity.

Hoist Rentals

Hoist rentals from Zo-Air Rentals include everything:

  • Air chain hoist rentals
  • Come-a-longs
  • Grip pullers

You can get the job done right with all these equipment. Electric chain hoists can be attached to nearly anything, making them ideal for lifting and lowering heavy loads in tight spaces that traditional lifts are unable to reach or reach safely. Grip pullers are tinier than come-a-longs and use wire rope to perform the same lifting, pulling, lowering, and stretching tasks as come-a-longs.

Hoist Repair

Zo-Air provides highly trained technicians who can assist you in diagnosing and repairing your equipment for your hoist or crane. We provide hoist repair services on-demand, on-scheduled basis, and in-house. Preventative maintenance programs for hoist-trolley-bridge crane systems are developed specifically for each system based on the system’s duty cycle and individual characteristics, ensuring OSHA and ASME compliance, as well as a safe and productive working environment. We take great pride in ensuring that you are up and running as quickly as possible. We also have a directory of frequently asked questions and answers, which can be found on our page on hoist troubleshooting if you have a general repair question.

Hoist Inspections

Hoist inspections performed on a regular basis can save businesses a significant amount of money by ensuring that local regulations are being followed and identifying potential safety and production issues.

Zo-Air provides a wide range of inspections that are tailored to meet the needs of your specific local regulatory requirements. We also provide various inspections based on the manufacturer’s recommendations as well as our industry experience and expertise in countries where there are no statutory requirements for compliance inspections or when you simply need an inspection to determine the condition of your equipment.

To meet the requirements of countries where Hoist certification is required, we provide an inspection report that complies with all applicable national and international regulations. If you have a Zo-Air service program, you will have access to our customer portal Zo-Air, where you will be able to view and download inspection documents at any time during business hours.

Hoist Certifications

The following documents must be delivered with each hoist in order to be subjected to periodic examination and certification:

  • Certificate of first use in an examination
  • The CE certificate ID plate (which must include the serial number) on the hoist must be visible and readable.
  • Before the certification process can begin, we must thoroughly inspect the hoist for any defects. This will take approximately half an hour of labor. When defects are discovered, we will provide you with a quote.

Following the inspection, periodic examination and certification can be carried out.


Are You in Need of Hoist or Tool Rentals in Staten Island, NY?

The gods of luck have smiled upon the operators in Staten Island, New York, who are in need of tool and hoist rentals, as Zo-Air Company Inc has arrived in town to assist you. When you rent tools and hoists from Zo-Air Company Inc, you can rest assured that your project will continue uninterrupted and that you will incur no losses as a result of being behind schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hoist and Tool Rentals

At Zo-Air, we provide you with all the great tools and hoists you need on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. There is nothing to stop you from getting that big project, municipal project, or any other industrial project done — we will sort you out. You do not have to delay your schedule because the grinder is not working. Just call us today and inquire about what you need. Our contact number is 800-675-1313, or you can use our online form for your inquiries.

The following equipment is at your disposal for rent at Zo-Air Co Inc.:

  • Air tools
  • Pumps, rams, and bolting tools (hydraulic tools and equipment)
  • Welding equipment, for example, a Red-D-Arc welder
Yes, we also specialize in the installation of industrial equipment like:

  • Compressors & Compressed Air Equipment
  • Bridge Cranes
  • Festooning & Conductor Systems
  • Hoists: Air & Electric
  • Jib Cranes
  • Wireless Remotes