Tool and Hoist Rentals in Queens, NY

For any project to succeed, you need tools that are in good shape. It doesn’t matter; whether new or used, they have to be good tools. Sometimes, you may not have tools for your projects, and buying them can be expensive, yet you may need them for a one-time project.

When you are thinking of where to get the tools, the most straightforward answer is; Rent the tools you need. Renting tools and hoists from Zo-Air allows you to save money and get excellent tools at the same time. You also have the advantage of using modern tools if you consider renting from us.

Tool And Hoist Rentals In Queens, Ny

Tool Rentals in Queens, NY

When dealing with industrial projects, you may need several modern and advanced tools. So, where do you source such tools? We offer a variety of rentals in Queens, NY.

Zo-Air rental tools include welding equipment such as Red D Arc, bolting tools, hydraulic tools, sir tools, Rams, and hoists. What about transport? You don’t have to worry about that; Zo-Air offers delivery services. You can easily request the delivery of the tools you need in NY.

Tool Rentals

Zo-Air has been renting industrial tools for over 25 years, giving us an upper hand against competitors. Thanks to our experience, we can identify the best tools to rent out to our esteemed customers. Zo-Air offers rental tools to the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Electric and gas utilities
  • Mass transit

Tool Repair

With our skilled and experienced mechanics, Zo-Air is known to provide exemplary industrial tools repair services. If you need your tools repaired, you can choose for the service to be carried out onsite or off-site. Zo-Air is an authorized repair company, so you do not have to worry about the success of the tool repair process. We always get it done.

Hoist Rentals in Queens, NY

For your industrial needs, hoists are a necessity, both air and electric. Lifting and lowering heavy equipment can be dangerous, so you need to use hoists in perfect condition. Reliable companies like Zo-Air responsible for renting hoists can also advise you on the type of hoist to use for your loads. If unsure of the kind of hoist to use, our experts are generous enough to give you the right advice. You can then choose to request the delivery of the hoists that you rented and avoid the transportation mayhem.

Tool And Hoist Rentals In Queens, Ny

Hoist Rentals

Before renting a hoist, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself. For instance, if some other tools need to be rented along with a hoist. If there are such items, the renting company you choose should answer this kind of question and offer you the tools if needed. Items like the beam clamp are used along with the hoist, and so you should know where to get them.

As mentioned earlier, we have provided hoist renting services for over two decades which means we are in a better position to provide you with the best hoists in the market.

Hoist Repair

The bad news is that nothing is meant to last forever, but the good news is that you can make it last longer by maintaining it. However, when equipment is past maintenance and needs repair, you need to contact an expert to handle it.

Zo-Air has authorized and experienced technicians who can diagnose hoist faults and repair them. So, if you don’t know what is wrong with your hoist, you can consult with our technicians. You can then decide on an off-site or an onsite repair for your hoist.

Hoist Inspections

A regular hoist inspection is necessary for the maintenance of your hoist. Working with a faulty hoist can cause huge amounts of losses. Regular hoist inspections allow you to avoid hefty OSHA violations, and you will also reduce your insurance costs for the hoist.

You can always schedule regular hoist inspections to allow experts to deal with the inspections. Our experienced technicians are in a better position to handle the inspections professionally.
The inspections include a thorough visual inspection of all of the hoist components. You will then be given an inspection tag including all of your hoist details for OSHA’s compliance.

Hoist Certifications

In addition, to hoist inspections, you also need hoist Certifications. At Zo-Air, we offer certifications for both air and electric hoists. The certificate contains all of your hoist’s information after the inspection.

Tool And Hoist Rentals In Queens, Ny

Are You in Need of Hoist or Tool Rentals in Queens, NY?

When you don’t have industrial tools for your project, renting is the easier way out instead of buying. Some of the tools you need may only be used once, thus incurring unnecessary extra charges.

No matter the kind of tools or equipment you need, you can always contact Zo-Air and enquire about the tools or hoists you need. The company serves people in Queens, NY; you can always receive our services anywhere in New York.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hoist and Tool Rentals

Before you hire any tools or hoists, there are critical questions that need professional responses. If you feel that you have a load of questions, you can contact our support, who will take you through all you need to know about tools and hoists rentals.

However, you can check out some of the frequently asked questions about the tools and hoist rentals most of our customers frequently ask.

Zo-Air offers different industrial tools. We keep bringing in new equipment regularly as soon as we are aware of new tools. Regular updates on our tools guarantee you of modern and advanced tools. Below are the equipment that we rent to our customers:

  • Hydraulic tools
  • Air tools
  • Manual, air, and electric hoists
Zo-Air Co Inc. is an authorized dealer carrying out hoists and tools rentals and repair, hoist inspections and certifications, and installations. For years we have done installations of different industrial equipment. We have detailed knowledge on how to install equipment excellently. Below are some tools that we professionally install:

  • Job cranes
  • Electric and air hoists
  • Festooning and conductor items
  • Compressors and compressed air wireless remotes