Product Description

Torque control range – 5-8 Nm (44.2-70.8 in. lbs.)
 High accuracy ±10% at Cmk≥1.67 – ISO 5393
 Brushless Motor and Hybrid Switch about doubles the life of the tool
 Fast acting all steel clutch for increased durability
 Photo interrupter sensor increases clutch life and tool accuracy
 Operator Lockout – Tamper proof features
– Clutch adjustment tool (included (EYFA32B)) for changing torques
– Remote control (optional (EYFA31B)) required for “Quick Set” Features
 Programmable “Quick Set” features
– Adjustable speed (10 RPM Increments) and programmable auto downshift
– Prevent and detect cross threads and rehits
– Maintenance interval alarm
– Variable speed enable/disable
– Out of range anti-theft enable/disable  (Radio version only)
 Error Proofing Features
– OK/NOK both visual and audible indicators
– Compatibility with Panasonic Quality Control Monitoring System
(See page 20) (Radio version required)
 Available 2.0 Ah (EYFB41B) & 4.2 Ah (EYFB42B) high capacity 14.4v Li-Ion battery
 Variable speed trigger/reversible
 ¼” Hex quick change chuck
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