90 lb Paving Breaker, 1-1/4″ Chuck, Muffler (CP 1290 S)


Product Description

CP 1290 S is a brand new structure built on the basis of experience of many years of operation of jackhammers. CP 1290 S is the successor to the well-known hammer CP 1240 S, the new hammer has not only a new design, but also a completely new design. The construction of the hammer is based on a two-handed grip T, where S version are the sides very rigid and the version SVR are padded handles. VR Series provides high vibration reducję gives the operator high comfort. Drain work is attached to one of the handles. Rotating nipple with the opening air intake provides comfort maneuvering hammer during operation.

The hammer is equipped with a built-in grease enriching docierajce hammer, compressed air, oil particles thus ensuring constant lubrication. CP 1290 is equipped with a sleeve tool of size 32×160 mm, also in the hammer used in the models tested improved the CP 1210 control valve system that increases power by 20% for greater efficiency.

Characteristics breakers CP:

  • Simple design
  • High performance in relation to the weight of the hammer
  • Forged steel handle
  • Rotary air inlet connector
  • Air exhaust silencer
  • Vibration damping system
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