Crane Rentals and Sales

If you’re running an industrial operation that needs cranes to facilitate work, it pays to buy or rent from industry professionals who understand your needs and has the equipment to meet them. Zo-Air Co Inc. is the premier authority on crane rental and cranes for sale in New York, bringing you everything from jib cranes to bridge cranes for a wide array of applications. No matter what industry you’re in or what the specific needs of your operation are, our commitment is always to furnish you with exceptional products in the capacity you need them.

Crane Rental

Whether you need a jib crane, bridge crane or another boom-style crane, we’ve got a rental that’s ideal for your specific needs and application. Our selection of cranes for rent encompasses a range of needs and ensures you’re not footing a huge bill for the cost of new equipment. Instead, renting allows you to take full advantage of our equipment at a nominal cost. You get all the capabilities you need from a reliable crane, giving you the power to keep your operation running smooth, safe and efficient.

Jib Crane

Crane Hook

Cranes for Sale

Need to make an investment in an overhead crane for your facilities? Regardless of the type of crane you need or the lift capacity your application demands, we’ll make sure you get reliable equipment from a top-name manufacturer. We’re widely regarded across New York as the de-facto providers of crane equipment—not only because we sell and distribute for reputable brands, but because we can service everything we sell. We’re your premier resource for crane sales and everything that comes along with it, including installation and calibration.

Get the Crane You Need

Zo-Air Co Inc. is New York’s authority on crane rentals and cranes for sale. Reach us today at 631-737-4242 to learn more about the products we have access to or to speak with our experienced professionals about the products that are best-suited to your operations. Whether you’re buying or renting, we’re committed to making sure you have safe, reliable, efficient equipment at your disposal.

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