Tool & Hoist Rentals in Brooklyn, NY

If you are a business owner, and you need industrial equipment to carry out certain operations, it may be more beneficial for you to rent the equipment than purchase it. The first reason is that you spend only minimal capital costs on renting, and you can use these funds for other business purposes. Moreover, capital budget approvals are not required to start renting. One more benefit is that renting gives you an opportunity to use the most modern and technically advanced equipment.

If you are a business owner from New York state, and you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable company specializing in hoist and tool renting in your area, Zo-Air is ready to help you. We rent different machines by offering our clients an industrial equipment rental program.


Tool Rental in Brooklyn, NY

Zo-Air offers different tools for rent, including hydraulic tools, air tools, bolting tools, and others. We have over 40 years by serving different companies and clients and providing them with the tools they need for their business.

Tool Rentals

There is a great selection of both large and small tools offered by Zo-Air. We always use our tools before renting to make sure that they work properly. So, you can be sure that will receive the most high-quality tool you need, and that your industrial needs will be satisfied.

Tool Repair

In addition to renting, Zo-Air also specializes in repairing tools too. We are a factory authorized service and tool repair center that serves Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, Suffolk County, and Nassau County. Our mechanics are skilled, experienced, and certified specialists who repair all types of industrial equipment, both on and off site. They can repair air tools, torque tools, hydraulic tools and equipment, precision measurement tools, and others.

Hoist Rental in Brooklyn, NY

A hoist is known as a device that performs one task – lifting and lowering loads on a vertical plane. If you need a hoist for a short period of time, renting is definitely a more cost-efficient option than purchasing. Renting will allow you to save a significant amount of money on maintenance and storage.

At Zo-Air, we offer eclectic and air hoists, and we are always ready to help you choose the type of hoist you need. There are three values in our work – availability, reliability, and ease.

Tool And Hoist Rentals In Brooklyn, Ny

Hoist Rentals

There is a great selection of hoists offered by Zo-Air, including both air and electric hoists. If you are choosing between these two, there are some differences you should be aware of. An electric hoist is a small and more compact device that is primarily used in such industries and places as warehouses, docks, mining enterprises, railways, and others. An air hoist is a bigger machine that is used for lifting heavy objects. Our team is knowledgeable about hoists we offer for rent, so we are always ready to answer your questions.

Hoist Repair

Being also a factory authorized service and tool repair center, Zo-Air also specializes in repairing all types of hoists. We serve clients in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Nassau County, New York City, and other surrounding areas. Our mechanics are experienced enough to troubleshoot all types of issues. The brands that we work with include Lista, Spaco, Champion, JET, Osborn, Ajax, and others.

Hoist Inspections

A hoist inspection is a process that assesses lifting devices on a regular basis. The purpose of hoist inspections is to make sure that the hoist is safe to be used, determine its working conditions, and identify the necessity of repair and maintenance. Hoists should be inspected twice a year or every six months. At Zo-Air, hoist inspections are conducted by a certified and experienced specialist, who specializes in hoists and knows how to use them properly.

Hoist Certifications

Annual hoist certification is important for workplace safety. At Zo-Air, we certify hoists, as well as other types of equipment, such as hydraulic and electric cranes, overhead lifting equipment, hydraulic and air jacks, electric and air cranes, and others.

Tool And Hoist Rentals In Brooklyn, Ny

Are You in Need of Hoist or Tool Rentals in Brooklyn, NY?

If you are choosing between renting a hoist and tools and buying them, there are certain benefits of rental that you should take into consideration. First, in many cases, renting is more cost- and time-efficient – increases productivity and reduces costs. Also, if you decide to rent a hoist or any industrial tool from us, you will be offered a great selection of different machines and devices. Our specialists will help you to choose those that are most suitable for your business needs and operations.

It is also important to remember that purchasing industrial equipment and hoists is expensive. You will have to spend thousands of dollars, even if you are buying used ones. Hoist and tool rental allows you to save money that can be spent on other business needs and operations.

Finally, if you own industrial equipment, you have to think about where to store it. There are also maintenance and repair costs. However, if you rent equipment from Zo-Air and it breaks down, you do not have to pay for repairs – our insurance will cover them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hoist and Tool Rentals

Here are a few most common questions asked about Zo-Air Co Inc. Company and the services we offer:

You can the following industrial equipment from us: air, manual and electric hoists, hydraulic equipment, and tools (pumps, ramps, bolting tools), and air tools.
Yes, our certified and experienced mechanics specialize in installing different kinds of industrial equipment. They are able to install compressed air equipment and compressors, jib cranes, wireless remotes, all types of hoists, and others.