Tool & Hoist Rentals in Bronx, NY

Are you looking for tools and hoist renders in the Bronx, NY? If yes, then do not be worried. Zo-Air Company Inc. is your go-to rental company for tools and hoists. We provide tool delivery and pickup services to ensure that you continue with your production activities. Our local inventory helps to keep the turnaround time as minimum as possible. We offer speedy services straight to your businesses in Bronx, NY. Get in touch with us for your equipment today.

Tool And Hoist Rentals In Bronx, Ny

Tool Rentals in Bronx, NY

Zo-Air Company Inc. is one of the largest tool rental and end-to-end worksite solutions companies in NY. Why rent industrial equipment and tools from Zo-Air?

It is simple. We help you minimize annual repair, as well as prevent inspection and maintenance costs. We provide you with advanced and modern tools to ensure all your tasks are handled using the most effective tools in the market. With our tool rental services, we ensure jobs are done safely and efficiently without the worry of using deteriorating or outdated tools.

Tool Rentals

Backed by a team of experts and a fleet of rental tools, we are ready to custom engineer a solution for projects of any size. Zo-Air offers air tools, Welding Equipment- Red-D-Arc Welder, and hydraulic equipment and tools — Pumps, Rams, Bolting Tools. We provide you with top-quality tools and expertly maintained rental equipment. With our dedicated team of experts and customer services, we are here to help you keep projects on budget and on time. Reserve your rental tools online and leverage digital tools to optimize and manage your fleet, control costs, and importantly have total control over your projects.

Tool Repair

We provide repair services for various tools. From Air Tools, Precision Measuring Tools, electric and air hoists to Hydraulic Tools & Equipment. Our tool repair facility is staffed with full-time factory-trained mechanics and supported by one of the most comprehensive parts inventories in Bronx, NY. Our tool repair facility has the following benefits.

Hoist Rentals in Bronx, NY

Whenever you need hoist rentals in Bronx, NY, Zo-Air Company Inc. is here for you! We deliver everything from air and electric hoists, jacks, cranes, lifting slings, and equipment to overhead lifting equipment. Our Hoist products are highly maintained, and we always keep them up to standard. You do not have to have a capital budget plan to get our products. We also provide expert hoist equipment inspections and certifications.

Tool And Hoist Rentals In Bronx, Ny

Hoist Rentals

We have great experience in terms of working with the world’s leading hoisting manufacturers. Our range of hoist products and services has made us the most reputable and recognized company in the industry. Most of the highly demanding utilities, constructions, industrial companies, and mass transit continually rely on our services. For your hoist rentals, reach out to us today, and we guarantee that you’ll not be disappointed with our service or prices.

Hoist Repair

At Zo-Air, we have a well-trained team of experts who perform installations and repairs of industrial equipment. We are a certified repair center for Air Tools, Precision Measuring Tools, electric and air hoists, and Hydraulic Tools & Equipment. Our hoist repair facility has the following benefits:

  • Complete hoist electrical and mechanical repairs
  • Free pickup and delivery services
  • Huge stock of replacement parts
  • Fast turn around

Hoist Inspections

Zo-Air Company Inc. is an authorized factory that does hoist inspections. We offer overhead hoist inspection as well as test requirements, particularly for underhung overhead hoists. Our hoist inspection is done before initial use of the product and on a regular interval to verify compliance. The OSHA compliance inspection includes capacity, inspection date, serial number, model number, and control length. We inspect both air and electric hoists.

Hoist Certifications

In addition to inspections, Zo-Air Company Inc. is also authorized to offer certification. We provide certification for both air and electrical hoists. Our team of highly knowledgeable staff will provide you with a variety of certification services, including metal inspection and test certificate tag, certified dynamometer traceable to NIST.

Tool And Hoist Rentals In Bronx, Ny

Are You in Need of Hoist or Tool Rentals in Bronx, NY?

Are you looking for Hoist or Tool Rentals in Bronx, NY? We are here for you. As Zo-Air, we have diligently served our industrial clients for over 40 years. From providing quality construction and industrial products and services, providing name brands to offering competitive prices at an exceptional level of convincing you cannot find anywhere else. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable salespersons are always available to help you find efficient and modern solutions for your business. Zo-Air holds the best and reliable brands for the industrial/construction products and services section. If you are in Bronx, NY, please reach out to us; our customer service is ready to respond to any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hoist and Tool Rentals

When you need a rental tool or hoist that meets your specific requirements, we have you covered. You do not have to come over; we deliver and pick up everything to any address you choose in Bronx, NY. We provide you with all the great tools and hoists you need on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. There is nothing to stop you from getting that big project, municipal project, or any other industrial project done — we will sort you out. You do not have to delay your schedule because the grinder is not working. Just call us today and inquire about what you need. Our contact number is 800-675-1313, or you can use our online form for your inquiries.

At Zo-Air, we provide a variety of industrial tools and equipment. The tools available for rent include air tools, Welding Equipment- Red-D-Arc Welder, and hydraulic equipment and tools – Pumps, Rams, and Bolting Tools.
Yes, we can. Zo-Air Co Inc. is authorized to repair tools and offer various services in New York City, Suffolk County, Nassau County, and the surrounding areas. Our team of skilled mechanics is fully certified to provide installations and repairs of industrial equipment — both off and on. Some of the equipment we install include Wireless Remotes, Compressors & Compressed Air Equipment, Jib Cranes, Bridge Cranes, Hoists: Air & Electric, and Festooning & Conductor Systems.