What Are the Benefits of a Rental Hoist?

If you have never used or rented a hoist, you might not be familiar with the many advantages of renting a hoist. There are, in fact, multiple benefits to renting this highly useful piece of equipment.

Of course, to understand these benefits, you must first understand what a hoist is and what it can be used for in the field. Here’s what you need to know.

What is a hoist?

A hoist is a machine that can lift and lower a load vertically.

What are common uses for a rental hoist?

Rental hoists are commonly used on construction sites. Structures that may use temporary rental hoists include coker units, boilers, furnaces, vacuum towers and FCC units.

What are the benefits of a rental hoist?

There are many ways to take advantage of renting a hoist. First, it increases worker safety. Falls, slips and trips on ladders, stairs or other elevating equipment can cause serious injury and workplace repercussions. A rental hoist can help avoid these disasters.

The hoist provides a stable, safe method of lifting employees and materials. This can be particularly helpful near the ends of shifts, when workers are suffering from fatigue.

Secondly, a rental hoist increases productivity. It offers an efficient method for lifting, saving time and effort and keeping projects moving smoothly on schedule. This can reduce costs and improve business overall.

A third advantage of renting a hoist is greater accessibility. Without a rental hoist, workers may be unable to reach certain areas or access those areas with certain tools. Using a hoist makes it possible to do certain tasks that would otherwise be impossible.

A rental hoist can also allow companies to maintain compliance. The hoist provides a safe way to complete tasks and projects without breaking important safety regulations that are in place.

Rental hoists can also provide a means for emergency rescues. The hoist makes it easier and faster to coordinate a rescue from the top of a structure, which could potentially save lives.

Two more advantages of renting a hoist should not be overlooked. First, renters can use the equipment and return it. This means the hoist does not have to be stored once the project is complete. For many companies with limited space, this is a huge advantage.

Second, the hoist can be rented rather than purchased. Buying a hoist is a significant investment. Particularly if a company will not need the hoist again or uses one only on rare occasions, the ROI is not worth it. However, renting a hoist offers a perfect solution. It is more economical, providing the machine that’s needed for the job, without the full cost.

Where can I get a rental hoist?

To take advantage of renting a hoist, contact the equipment suppliers at Zo-Air Co. Inc. We are a certified distributor of industrial and construction tools and equipment. We offer quality hoists to help you get your job done safely, efficiently and affordably. Reach us today at 631-737-4242 to learn more about our rental hoist solutions.

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