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Why rent from Zo-Air? It's simple.

Conserve capital

In comparison to ownership, renting requires minimal capital costs and frees up funds for other uses. Rental units are usually expensed to the job without capital budget approvals. No capital budget planning is necessary.

Remove obsolete equipment

Renting equipment allows for the use of modern and advanced technology. Specific job requirements are handled with the appropriate tools. Jobs can be done efficiently and safely without the worry caused of using outdated or deteriorating equipment.

Eliminate upkeep

Rentals reduce annual repair, preventative maintenance, and inspection costs.

Save storage space

Renting eliminates the burden of storing large equipment. It frees space for and does not incur storage fees.

Reduce taxes and other fees

Tax and license fees are reduced when applied to rental equipment.

Minimize record Keeping

Plant records, maintenance, and certification paperwork are all handled and filed by Zo-Air Company. Each piece of equipment is color coded and tagged for a quick easy visual verification of the dated inspection by Zo-Air.

Zo-Air proudly rents the following equipment

  • Air Tools
  • Hoists: Air & Electric
  • Hydraulic Tools & Equipment: Pumps, Rams, Bolting Tools
  • Welding Equipment: Red-D-Arc Welder

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